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WELCOME! to the Acceleration in Context Website! The site is organized around 7 core concepts that guide our work with educators: Capacity, Love, Voices, Design, Navigation, Spaces, Practices. You will find links to those pages on the banner at the top of this page. We invite you to browse around and dip into what interests you. We also invite you to book mark the site; we will be adding new content frequently, and will also have guest posters. If you have content you would like to add to the site, please let us know! And of course we welcome comments on any posts that move you to respond.

Acceleration in Context (AIC) is a comprehensive new initiative with the central aim of introducing accelerated curriculum and pedagogy into a broad cross-section of disciplines and programs across the state, even potentially the nation. Acceleration in Context is a markedly different expression of Acceleration than other models encountered around the country, even though there is overlap and certainly some shared goals. Most of these expressions of Acceleration are defined primarily by structural changes in course offerings. However, years of experience and research tell us that tinkering with structure is not enough to address the epidemic of failure going on in Basic Skills classrooms.

Acceleration in Context incorporates structural change but is distinguished by three core principles:

  • Curriculum must be dramatically redesigned.
  • Pedagogy must meet at the intersection of a student’s capacity to learn and a teacher’s fundamental relationship with their discipline.
  • Institutions must engage in innovation, networking and assessment tailored to their own needs to sustain Acceleration over time.

Supported by a planning grant from the Walter S. Johnson Foundation, we are developing and piloting effective training and support strategies for guiding faculty through profound curricular and pedagogic redesign as they build their own models of Acceleration. We are also developing protocols for what constitutes institutional readiness for scaling and sustaining  Acceleration in Context.

Acceleration in Context hopes to build a positive, creative and analytical dialogue that revisits our assumptions about students, about adult learning and about how literacy and numeracy skills are acquired. In AIC, faculty evaluate many models and taxonomies of Acceleration to inform their work. AIC takes a multi-faceted approach to practice and curriculum, operating from the position that structural changes go hand in hand with curricular and pedagogic redesign.

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